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Bend, Oregon

Mattie Eisenberg

Mind-Body Therapist

During the last 15 years practicing as a Mind-Body Therapist, Movement and Mindfulness Educator I have had the great pleasure of aiding thousands of people from all over the globe; encompassing everyone from inner-city youth, renowned politicians, celebrity performers and investors, athletes, and royalty.

With integrity, respect, and equality I provide a safe and constructive atmosphere for clients and students to restore, expand and cultivate unconditional wellbeing. It is my nature to offer a generalized practice without specific foci, as most of our reasons for seeking healing come from the same root.

I hold certifications in Holographic Memory Resolution, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, and Thai Massage. My approach blends these disciplines together addressing clients’ needs from diverse angles, engaging the conscious and unconscious mind, emotions, and physical sensations to help individuals rediscover how they work, resolve the thoughts/emotions/physical pains that keep them unsatisfied and become empowered to make skillful choices for their future.

As a survivor of Chronic Lyme Disease, I possess an intimate understanding of the body-mind convergence and the complexity involved in resilience.

With a degree in Spanish Literature from Smith College, I offer sessions in both English and Spanish.

Healing specialties

Chronic Disease/Illness
Religious Trauma


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