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Driggs, Idaho

Meredith Potter

Therapist and Wellness Coach

Hello and thank you for being here! I know the health and wellness journey can be a wild adventure, and you are taking the action for yourself to find the next step that’s right for you. My background includes experience with world travel when I was in my 20’s especially, a passion for the arts and creativity, masters degrees in Creative Arts in Education as well as Somatic Psychology / Dance Movement Therapy.

I work from the lens that the body is an invaluable space to explore and is a key vehicle for emotional regulation, coping, change, healing, and transformation. Having been through my own health journey and having helped many clients navigate medical challenges and setbacks. I have experience and understanding that it can be a bumpy and curvy road. I have also learned there is always room to get new perspectives and make gentle shifts that help.

I am passionate about health, financial wellness, and mindfulness-based stress reduction. I have experience in modalities including DNRS, Energy Therapies such as EFT, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, Dance/Movement Therapy, Mindfulness, Breath Awareness, and Financial Wellbeing.

I am licensed to practice psychotherapy in Idaho and have extensive health coach training as well as financial wellness training that I apply as a coach.

Healing specialties

Cult Recovery/Cult Deprogramming
Highly Sensitive People


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