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Michael Mojica

Attachment Trauma Healing Guide

Hi, my name is Michael Mojica and I am a practitioner of the Adult Attachment Repair Model (AARM) originated by Peter Cummings.

The Adult Attachment Repair Model is often referred to as “Stick Work” because I use a stick and not attachment styles to heal your nervous system and encode security.

Attachment Trauma is complex and difficult to treat using traditional therapy because there was no singular traumatic incident that caused it. Since it is an accumulation of disappointing and inadequate caregiving experiences by your family of origin, talking about it won’t be enough. Non-verbal memories influencing your “being” are embedded into your nervous system beyond your cognitive awareness.

AARM offers better explanations of these non-verbal traumatic memories along with better solutions for the suffering they cause with the use of the stick.

The AARM goes against the restrictions and norms of modern therapy and uses the body as the instrument for the repair of emotional wounding.

Encoding a sense of security into your nervous system will create balance in all facets of your life

Some examples of Attachment Wounding include the following:
Compulsive attraction to toxic relationships
Incessant anxiety
Unrelenting grief
Poor self-care
Debilitating self-doubt
Difficulty telling one’s own story
Aversion/intolerance for vulnerability
Being vacant, hollow, empty, or numb

It’s not about your Attachment Style. It’s about your unique being.

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