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Sacramento, California

Michele Mariscal, PhD

Grief Recovery Method Specialist

My journey with grief began in 1993 with the loss of my little brother. It was the event in my life that opened my deep exploration of the spiritual world.

I apprenticed for 7 years as a Shaman, received training and worked as a spiritual healer with Pranic Healing and Reiki, and took a deep dive into self-study of Anthroposophy. I was very active in my own self-healing and felt great expansion and understanding. But I was still seeking something and hadn’t found that part of the puzzle.

After working as a spiritual healer for 10 years I found that I longed to work in a way that facilitated individuals to do their own self-healing. When I found the work that I provide for others they both felt like the missing pieces in my puzzle.

The two modalities that I work with 1) Grief Recovery Method and 2) HeartMath both provide evidence-based structured programming that delivers results! Both of these modalities met me in my mental mind first in a very grounded way and allowed my heart to open, shift, and experience the power of operating from the “heart-brain.”

I hold certifications as an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist as well as HeartMath Trainer, Coach, Mentor. My formal education includes Molecular and Cell Biology, Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology, Hermetic Science, Esoteric Philosophy.

Healing specialties

Anger Management
Loss of Child
Loss of Parent(s)


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