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Fairfax, California

Michelle Veneziano

Osteopathic Medical Doctor | Intuitive

I’m an Osteopathic medical doctor, intuitive, mother, and lover of all things ecstatic. When my daughter was little I was a single mom, I had 3 jobs, and no time to seek help for a spinal disc injury and chronic fatigue, and mold and food sensitivities. I healed on my own, without adding extra time to my day, by waking up my intuition and getting into my body. My work now, which I love, is guiding others.

My approach to osteopathic medicine, and self-healing, is rooted in Cranial Osteopathy, the modality that gave rise to craniosacral therapy. Cranial Osteopathy is an evidence-based therapeutic practice that sources both western & eastern philosophies to support our innate ability to build fitness and heal itself.

I’ve been practicing and teaching my own version of energetic and structural medicine in person and remotely with individuals and groups since 2001. I have a doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine (DO), and a Masters Certificate from the Academy of Intuition Medicine in Sausalito, California.

In my classes we explore natural ways of thinking, feeling, sitting, walking, swallowing, breathing, hydrating, that align us with ourselves, each other and the planet. While teaching, I track and narrate the shifts in the shared field that helps our combined attention amplify the healing. Ultimately, the physical and subtle bodies harmonize and entrain with both the Earth and source consciousness.

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