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Taos, New Mexico

Mikyö Black-Wangmo

Health, Wellness, and Integration Coach

I am a passionate disciple of the healing arts and their capacity to cultivate a life of flourishing. I have been training and working to support the thriving and liberation of my clients and students for 17 years. Over that time my practice, education, and experience has coalesced into the core principle of connecting people to their deepest essence.

The focus of my sessions is to create a space of presence, safety, consent, and unconditional positive regard that activates the parasympathetic nervous. This allows for imbalances in the body, heart, and mind to be easefully cleared and integrated. It is in deep alignment with my passion for re-humanizing and empowerment.

I am a certified Meditation, Qigong, and Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, ERT Practitioner, and Ayurvedic Intern. I also teach the Body Sciences and Business and Ethics at Cypress Health Institute and have a background in Communications Studies. I am currently completing certification for Communication Coaching.

Although I have a plethora of modalities that range from the rich esoteric traditions of East, to my own Indigenous healing wisdom, to cutting edge neuroscience and modern practices, nothing I have learned or practiced compares to what lives inside of you. I offer my years of training and experience in service to the unfolding and awakening of your being because the greatest health we can ever experience is that of being in integrity with our own indestructible, radiant goodness and wisdom!

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