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Mckinleyville, California

Monica Ballard

Somatic Integrative Coach

Friend, I know the stressors, changes, and challenges you’re facing in this new #covid life are undeniable. You’re a caregiver, a healer, a leader, and you show up no matter what. The world needs you more than ever, and being burned out, getting sick, emotionally fatigued won’t cut it in this climate. As a mother, healer, facilitator, & entrepreneur I totally get how it can be deeply rewarding AND super draining to give so much to others at work & at home, not to mention during times of extreme stress like we’ve all been experiencing.

There is hope, and you are not alone.

I’m Monica. I guide women through burnout into new norms of radical wellness, embodied leadership, and connected relationships using powerfully simple customized self-care systems. My work takes place at the intersection of all things body (soma), mind, spirit, sexuality, relationships, and wellness. It is holistic and hilarious (because who says trauma work always has to suck?)

As an Ambassador of the Desilet Method for feminine somatic psychosexual wellness, an integrative massage therapist and bodyworker since 2005 (NCBTMB certified for 8 years), a certified practitioner of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (2006), a 200-hour certified yoga instructor, and a Reiki I certified practitioner, I have the experience and tools you need to come back into your full vitality.

Burnout is the worst, but it doesn’t have to keep ruining everything in your life.

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