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Andover, Massachusetts

Nicole Kalil

Chief Woman Whisperer

I am more than slightly obsessed with confidence and what it takes to both build and keep it. I spent the bulk of my professional life with a Fortune 500 company, where my passion for leadership and my commitment to building my own confidence led me to become the first female Chief Development Officer in 160 year company history.

Since starting my own company, I have coached hundreds of executives and entrepreneurs, consulted with Fortune 500 companies, host of the “This Is Woman’s Work” Podcast, and speak to leaders across the country about the “not-so-secret” secrets of Confidence.

Both of my parents immigrated to the United States, my father from Mexico and my mother from Germany, making me a first-generation American. I credit my father for teaching me a strong work ethic, confidence, and willingness to take risks. My mother taught me the organizational skills and effective time management that allow me to excel in complex and challenging roles.

My values are Commitment, Courage, Authenticity, and (you guessed it) Confidence, and I am focused on demonstrating these on a daily basis. Maintaining harmony in my different roles of mother, wife, and business owner successfully is an ongoing challenge, and choice management is a much more important skill today than it ever was.

I am a self-admitted “foodie” and enjoy wine tasting and reading in whatever free time I have!

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