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Houston, Texas

Niki D’Agostino

Certified Neuroplasticity Coach | MPT

I am a certified neuroplasticity coach committed to helping you achieve complete healing through my extensive training and personal experience.
Using neuroplasticity therapy, I treat individuals suffering from a range of conditions when modern medicine’s focus on treating symptoms fails to provide long-term results.

My goal is to help you understand the mind-body connection, rewire connections in the brain and achieve total healing of the body, a wellness journey I experienced firsthand.

My personal struggle involved mood dysregulation, food sensitivities, and skin allergies due to mold exposure in the home. My symptoms remained even after the mold was removed which sent me from doctor’s office to doctor’s office until I finally sought treatment through neuroplasticity. Having experienced the life-changing results of neuroplasticity and the power of the brain to rewire itself, I have dedicated myself to walking alongside others on their healing journeys and helping them achieve total wellness.

My specialties include anxiety, depression, loss of energy, food sensitivities, emotional regulation difficulties, and motion sickness. I also treat those struggling with autism, misphonia, and sensory processing disorders.

Alongside a Masters degree in Physical Therapy, I have a certification in Positive Neuroplasticity Training and a Professionals Course in Neuroplasticity in addition to a certification in Safe and Sound Protocol.

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