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Los Angeles, California

Richard Brenner

Yoga Nidra Practitioner

I’m a Yoga Nidra facilitator in Los Angeles committed to helping people achieve deep levels of relaxation. This guided practice is the best countermeasure I’ve found for the anxiety of our times. It reduces anxiety, depression, and stress, while improving sleep and well-being.

While Yoga Nidra is my specialty, I’m also a certified Restorative Hypnotherapist. I’ve studied yoga and meditation, as well as numerous energy and vibrational therapies. I’ve been in practice for two years, working primarily with individual clients, but also facilitating group sessions through Women in Technology International and Wisepause.

After 30 years as a restaurant owner, the healing arts were a natural next step. My life experience caring for people in the restaurant business gave me a solid foundation for understanding and working with people.

I was lucky to be successful in my businesses: Highland Grounds Coffeehouse (Best Coffeehouse LA, LA Weekly); Hugo’s Restaurants (Best Small Business award, state of California), and Hugo’s Tacos (35 Best Tacos in America, The Daily Meal). I’m now retired from the restaurants’ daily operations, but continue to be part of the Hugo’s family on a consulting basis.

My Yoga Nidra clients include personal trainers, artists, writers, directors, therapists, teachers, and musicians, among others. I believe peace of mind is accessible to everyone through the practice and it’s my job to open the door to achieve it.

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