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Ronda Renée

Divine Navigation Master Guide

Hi, I’m Ronda Renée. As the founder of the transformational modality of Divine Navigation and creator of the Divine Coordinates process, for over a decade, I’ve guided 1000’s of Souls to come into alignment.

In 2009, after more than a decade as an award-winning salesperson, generating more than 22 million in revenue, I’d obtained all the ‘things’ I thought would bring me happiness and fulfillment, yet I had a deep sense that something was still missing. This inner wisdom coupled with an intense inward journey of self-discovery and exploration, led me to my life’s work of training people how to live, love, and work from their Soul.

We’re told satisfaction will follow success. That’s often not the case. However, it’s always true that satisfaction leads to success! You may have had a fair amount of success and your life probably works well for you in a lot of ways. And then there’s that sense you have that there’s something more for you. There’s a yearning to live a more fulfilling, purposeful life. And if that includes a desire to make a paycheck with your purpose, with my Business in Your Soul ® program, I’ve got you covered there as well!

My work has been described as “personal growth, taken to an entirely new level.”, Ronda continues to lead people through the astounding self-discovery and personal transformation required to finally be living their most elevated, purpose-driven life. Courageous leaders with an unshakable connection to their Soul. I hope you join us.

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