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Santa Cruz, California

Ruthie Yarme

Syntara System Energy Practitioner

Hello and welcome to my Inaura guide profile! I am a certified Syntara System Energy Awareness Practitioner and Teacher. I have been practicing this work for the past 8 years and have been a core faculty member at Syntara System School of Energy Awareness since 2017.

I believe that every being at their Essence has a brilliance and beauty that is infinite and unshakeable. Each Essence is unique; each one beautiful; each one important and vital. I am passionate about helping clients create a deep and resonant relationship with this essential aspect of themselves. This passion is driven both by my love for this Earth and my love for the humans that inhabit it. As more and more of us find coherence with our Essence, we fall into deeper alignment with our highest good, with our planet and with the universe and beyond. It is my greatest hope that as we reach this level of alignment individually, we will (as a collective) create systems of equity, sustainability, and peace.

As practitioner and teacher, I serve this hope. I focus on helping clients connect to their Essence and to their vast energetic resource in order to turn towards areas in their lives that are causing pain and harm to themselves and to others. When our pain is held in love and acceptance, true and deep healing occurs. Old patterns dissolve and new ones are created that bring us more clarity, power, stability, connectedness, and joy.

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