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Nevada City, California

Sean Merrick

Psychotherapist; AMFT #119806

My journey begins with a story. Three decades ago, my father – my hero – and I were talking tattoos. At that time I had none, but one in mind – The Vitruvian Man, by Leonardo Da Vinci. That art piece has followed me, and my clinical experiences, as I pursue a passion within the healing practices of Mind, Body, Spirit.
Although my full story can be read on my website, I am called to share an important event… One difficult Saturday morning, I had a breakdown! It exposed sorrowing truths where I had to accept that I was not truly living!
Gifted with an empowering psychotherapist, I began a deep dive into introspection and self-discovery. I pushed myself so hard that I discovered negative patterns, and beliefs, fortifying self-sabotage and reinforcing self-limiting beliefs. I was soulfully stagnant. Over the next decade, it became my mission to discover and assert my self-truths. This rebirth catalyzed deep, deep healing – healing that my soul yearned for.

My journey continues today – As a heavily armed registered psychotherapist and board-certified holistic medicine provider who respects entheogenic, shamanistic quests. Trauma-informed, depth psychology, along with functional medicines interventions and spiritual intuitions, allow me to be an integrative healing guide for those who invite me on their journey.

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Chronic Disease/Illness


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