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Portland, Oregon

Shana James

Relationship and Leadership Coach

For 20 years I have coached more than a thousand leaders and people with big visions and hearts to find love, rekindle spark, lead with inspiration rather than manipulation or exhaustion, start and grow businesses, get promoted, create a legacy, and become more personally inspired and fulfilled.

I specialize in supporting men who aren’t satisfied in their love lives. Men often come to me when they are starting over after divorce or a long-term relationship and I help them create a connected, passionate relationship this time around. I am a translator between women and men, providing tools to transform conversations and dynamics that go awry, into connection and collaboration.

Referred to as a secret weapon, I help men cut through the distraction and access their confidence, power, and clarity. In just a few minutes, I can assess the cause of dissatisfaction and stuck points in your love life or work and start to create a clear and unique path for you to have incredible love and true success.

With an M.A. in Psychology and DISC and PQ certifications, decades of training in coaching, authentic communication, emotional intelligence, and meditation, I can both dive deep and create effective action plans. I bring my personal experience facilitating hundreds of groups and workshops, starting multiple businesses, and helping hundreds of entrepreneurs start their own, as well as with divorce and parenting to support clients in the most important areas of their lives.

Healing specialties

Divorce (Parents/Self)
Life Coaching
Men’s Issues


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