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Austin, Texas

Summer Astrea

Master NLP Practitioner | Love & Sexuality Coach

Hi! I’m Summer Astrea, and I’m a Conscious Love and Sexuality Coach based in Austin, Texas.

I utilize my Master Certifications in NLP, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis, and other powerful modalities to help my clients express and embody their sexuality for deeper relationships, greater bliss, and a pleasure-filled existence.

I’ve utilized these tools for my own personal transformation overcoming PTSD, depression, social anxiety, trust and control issues, disordered eating, body dysmorphia, and codependency.

I’m passionate about helping people overcome shame, negative emotions and heal trauma to be able to fully express themselves in and out of the bedroom. I specialize in helping my clients uproot the subconscious weeds that have been keeping them from achieving their desired relationship with themselves and others.
My neurological techniques are designed to empower my clients to achieve rapid and lasting change to allow for a total transformation in not just their sexuality, but their confidence, relationships, communication, and prosperity.

I’m a certified NLP Trainer, Master Hypnotist, Master Practitioner of NLP and Timeline Therapy and Master NLP Coach. I also have training in the Wheel of Consent, BDSM, Shibari, and Quantum Time Technique. I can help clients in the areas of performance issues, communication, boundaries, self-love, trauma, self-sabotage, co-dependency, anxiety, highly sensitive people, polyamory, kink/bdsm, orgasm, energy healing, and spirituality.

Healing specialties

Life Coaching
Sexual Abuse/Trauma
Women’s Issues


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