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Atlanta, Georgia

Tatiana Franklin

Pranic Healer | Certified Life Coach

Developing trust with anyone you hire to help you achieve your goals, is a big deal.

I don’t take that trust for granted— in fact, I feel blessed that I get to support, guide, and motivate you when you most need my help.
Sure, credentials and certifications are nice and I’ve invested the time, money, and focus to achieve them so that I have the proper foundation and knowledge to serve others.
But I also possess an unquantifiable gift and I am, after all, living a human experience that has exposed me to priceless opportunities to understand the wisdom behind healing and growth.

My pre-coaching and healing accolades include a BA in Mass Communications and French and a Master’s Degree in Mass Communications from The University of Georgia. I spent years working in communications, advertising, and consulting until I realized the path to my purpose was not in corporate or the agency world. In retrospect, however, I had been connecting the dots all along, by helping people through their own life transitions.

I obtained my coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) in 2014 and the rest of my Healing Arts certifications have kept coming in like the right piece of a puzzle at the right time.

I am an Energy Healer and Coach who offers a variety of Healing sessions based on Pranic Healing Protocols and Reiki; personalized Life Coaching and Leadership assessments that predict your personal and professional performance and success.

Healing specialties

Divorce (Parents/Self)
Energy Work
Highly Sensitive People
Life Transition


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