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Omaha, Nebraska

Tracey Lynn Pearson

Mindfulness Meditation Coach

I help those who are stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed to develop lasting and mindful practices according to their values, personality, and lifestyles. I help people experience a more refreshed, nurtured, and peaceful life that enhances their relationship with self and others.

As a psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience, I began seeking tools and strategies to add a deeper connection and value for those I serve. I implemented mindful resources through (restorative) yoga and meditation to help individuals experience life more fully. I have found this work extremely beneficial and liberating for others outside of the formal counseling traditions and from all walks of life.

In my coaching practice, I offer strategies, tools, and guidance to help others understand and feel their potential and experience joy and peace in the process. I start by helping you assess your values personality traits, and then define your goals. My approach is one that assists in the navigation of your journey, desires, and goals.
I offer several mindfulness coaching packages.

I support that through breathing and stillness, we can deepen our journey toward restoration and peace. I understand for those who’ve experienced trauma, meditation may be difficult. My mediation practices are set with that in mind.

I am a firm believer that everyone should start where they are comfortable. Meditation is not a competition.
Each person may have a separate experience and that is okay.

Healing specialties

Cultural Trauma
Race Related Issues
Religious Trauma


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