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Santa Cruz, California

Valerie Moselle

Yoga & Breathwork Teacher (E-RYT 500, RPYT, YACEP)

I am an advanced yoga and breathwork teacher, author, and entrepreneur. Using movement, breath, and visualization I support folks in engaging with the vast and sometimes confusing kaleidoscope of thought, sensation and emotion that –ever changing– exists within each of us. Understanding and developing agency over this internal complexity helps us navigate our relationships with others and our actions in the world with greater clarity and ease. My approach is informed by functional anatomy, biomechanics, and emerging theories in neuroscience. In 2020, in response to my students’ needs during the COVID 19 pandemic I founded ReSourcing™, an evidence-based system of gentle somatic techniques for nervous system regulation and mind-body integration.

A 20-year veteran of teaching, my work is trauma-informed, inclusive, and accessible to a broad audience seeking tools to reduce stress and experience more moments of ease, joy, and wonder. I see students as individuals each poised to derive unique benefits from embodied practice and am known for practical sessions that inspire a playful exploration of breath, movement, self-inquiry, and surrender.

I’ve studied and taught in the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, the Pacific Northwest, Holland, the U.K., and India. I currently live in Santa Cruz, CA where I authored Breathwork: A 3 Week Breathing Program for Clarity, Calm, and Better Health and co-founded Luma –an award-winning family-focused holistic wellness center.

Healing specialties

Chronic Pain
Stress Management


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