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Saratoga, California

Vanessa Diamond

Intuitive Doctor of Physical Therapy

I am dedicated to cultivating my highest health, knowing it is the pathway to highest self and that part of my life’s mission is to shepherd those called to follow the path I have laid.

Following my passion for health after a career in Opera, I decided to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy knowing it would allow me to heal in many ways, including using my voice.

As a DPT, I specialize in Pelvic Floor Health, honored to support many in such vulnerable intimate states. As a result of a personal healing crisis, I discovered and immersed myself in functional and energy medicine. I went on to learn Syntara Systems Energy Awareness and began incorporating my voice, energy healing, therapeutic yoga and functional medicine into my sessions. I use my intuition to offer whatever tool is useful given where you are.

I am also fluent in Spanish, train capoeira over 15yrs and perform as a singer-songwriter of medicine songs and collaborate on various musical projects.

I wish to be a resource for you if you feel I can help guide you on your healing journey.

I invite you to feel for resonance and if inspired, it would be my deep honor to be a Guide to you.

-DPT with 9 yrs experience
-Pelvic Floor Health Specialist
-Bachelor and Master’s of Music in Opera
-Certified Therapeutic Yoga
-Manual Skills: Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral Therapy, Holistic Pelvic Care
-Energy Medicine:Syntara Systems Energy Awareness
-Fluent Spanish Speaker, conversational Portuguese

Healing specialties

Energy Work
Health Optimization
Life Coaching


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