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Boulder, Colorado

Viraja Prema

Intimacy Coach | Betrayal Recovery Specialist

Why am I an Intimacy Coach who focuses on overcoming betrayal?

Love, Intimacy, Sexuality, Awakening

To me, these four words are the JUICE of life.

There are of course many others that go with them such as connection, trust, presence, pleasure, joy, safety, on one hand.

On the other hand: trauma, betrayal, abuse, shutdown, pain, fear, anxiety.

I have discovered in my own life & through working with clients over the past 25 years, that life gets better & easier after doing deep personal growth & healing work to clear the impact of trauma, shift old patterns & integrate new ways.

I am here on the planet at this time to support the evolution of love & consciousness by liberating our individual unique pathways to love, bliss & Union.

Is it time for you to be fully you?

For decades, clearing the blocks that prevent us from living with an Open Heart/Mind/Body has been my passion.

I have become more & more skilled. When life deals me something, I have tools, resources & support people to help me through it.

Times have been hard, scary, intense, even traumatic.

I got through the toughest ones with HELP.

I am here to help you.

After 25 years and over 15,000 client hours, a Ph.D. level education, certificates & training in Coaching, Energy Healing, Intimacy, NVC, Sexual Healing, Tantra; I get what it means to hold space, to love & to birth new possibilities, ESPECIALLY after birthing two children at home, in the water and into my own hands.

I’ve got you.

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Sexual Abuse/Trauma


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