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Viraja Prema

Intimacy Coach | Betrayal Recovery Specialist

Why am I an Intimacy Coach who focuses on overcoming betrayal?

Love, Intimacy, Sexuality, Awakening

To me, these four words are the JUICE of life.

There are of course many others that go with them such as connection, trust, presence, pleasure, joy, safety, on one hand.

On the other hand: trauma, betrayal, abuse, shutdown, pain, fear, anxiety.

I have discovered in my own life & through working with clients over the past 25 years, that life gets better & easier after doing deep personal growth & healing work to clear the impact of trauma, shift old patterns & integrate new ways.

I am here on the planet at this time to support the evolution of love & consciousness by liberating our individual unique pathways to love, bliss & Union.

Is it time for you to be fully you?

For decades, clearing the blocks that prevent us from living with an Open Heart/Mind/Body has been my passion.

I have become more & more skilled. When life deals me something, I have tools, resources & support people to help me through it.

Times have been hard, scary, intense, even traumatic.

I got through the toughest ones with HELP.

I am here to help you.

After 25 years and over 15,000 client hours, a Ph.D. level education, certificates & training in Coaching, Energy Healing, Intimacy, NVC, Sexual Healing, Tantra; I get what it means to hold space, to love & to birth new possibilities, ESPECIALLY after birthing two children at home, in the water and into my own hands.

I’ve got you.

Sexual Abuse/Trauma
Luminous Awareness
Sexual Healing
• Intuitive
• Luminous Awareness
• Sexual Healing

• Ph.D in Integral Health
• Luminous Awareness Institute

1:1 Offerings

Your “Betrayal Breakthrough Map” Session

$188 | 120min.

Are you In the pit from the shock of betrayal? Have you noticed a pattern of betrayal in your life? Do you feel like you are destined to be betrayed again & again? Do you want to FINALLY be able to feel happy & secure in your life? In this session we will: * create a safe space * explore the territory of where you have been * create a map to climb out of the pit & step out of the pattern once & for all You will walk away with 3+ key insights & action steps to break free from betrayal.

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Intimacy Upgrade (singles or couples)

$222 | 120min.

So many things can keep us separate from each other ie: fear, shame, avoidance, trauma, abuse, judgment, lies, betrayal. What if we could crack the code on our ability to connect... to ourselves, to another, to the Universe? The depth and uniqueness of connection + presence are INTIMACY. Where can you benefit from an INTIMACY UPGRADE? * communication, trust? * health, wellbeing? * Sexuality, pleasure? * Money, expression? * Spiritualty? Receive 3+ KEYS to Upgrade your Intimacy.

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Sacred Heart Tending

$111 | 60min.
Sliding Scale Available

Inside ALL of us is a vulnerable heart. This heart stretches itself every day in the most amazing ways. We feel, open, love, worry, reach and so much more. Sometimes this heart needs some tending to help it resource, recover, reopen, remember. In this session your precious heart will receive attuned presence, meeting you exactly where you are. It's an experience of being held in love so you can relax and heal in whatever way your heart (and soul) most need.

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“Viraja is quite simply a one-of-a-kind human being whose presence alone is a gift.

Through my healing journey, I have become extremely discerning about who I work with to make sure they have the capacity to truly meet me in an attuned, caring, compassionate way.

Viraja met me in this way & allowed me to work through deep pain, anxiety, & sadness with compassion, love, & so much presence. I knew immediately how safe & healing it was to work with her.”

Mona Motwani
Client, Speaker, Humanitarian


“Viraja is a living embodiment of a lifetime of loving and helping others connect to their hearts.

She is dedicated, committed and does her own self-work and relational work.

She is a true gem, and for those of you that choose to work with her... Your hearts cannot help but shine ever brighter under her playful tutelage.”

Raina DeLear, Ph.D
Co-Founder and Master Teacher Luminous Awareness Institute, Mentor, Healer, Spiritual Life Coach


"Viraja is a wonder. She has done the hard work of ongoing transformation.

This has enabled her to open the door for so many of us to explore and open our hearts and bodies to allow real love to flow.

This is a truly special being, and I totally trust her knowing and her ability to hold a strong energetic of healing for our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits.”

Racquel Palmese
Client, Spiritual Teacher, Counselor, and Transformational Guide

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Healing through Creativity

Art Therapy Workshop - May 21st
Access Your Unconscious Mind To Gain New Insights, Perspectives, Clarity & Healing ​