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Inaura News & Updates

The Inaura Website is LIVE!

While we are still making some tweaks, edits, and improvements, the Inaura website went live in October. It currently features over 100k words of free educational content, all of your beautiful Inaura Guide Profiles, our unique GuideMe assessment, and a full winter calendar of InauraLIVE class & workshop offerings. Visit:

Next Round of Funding: Opportunity & Details

The entire Inaura platform and two incredible virtual events were funded entirely by our initial friends & family investment round and the generous Inaura Founding Guide Membership Investments that have been made thus far.

Now it’s time to scale the platform and bring in an entire team of support to help us grow. We are currently working with a fundraising/financial consultant who is helping us put together the necessary projections, models, and decks for our next round of funding.

If you or anyone in your circle is involved in angel investing and would like the information once we have it all put together (should be in December), please contact us and we’ll be happy to share it with you!

Expanding to V2 of the Inaura website, which includes such improvements as…

  • Digital course building/hosting platform
  • Expanded user profiles & back-end capabilities
  • Addition of an Inaura retail shop
  • Advanced GuideMe assessment upgrade

Hiring and onboarding a full team, including…

  • Operations/Project Manager, Administrative Assistant(s), SEO/Content Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, Copywriter, Paid Traffic Management (Ads), Content Manager/Editor, Paid Content Creators, Affiliate Manager/Strategic Partnerships

Have some quality referrals for any of these positions?
Let us know! We do have several great candidates lined up, but are always looking for highly-skilled and aligned individuals to join the Inaura team.

Promoting YOU and your offerings!
We will be making significant investments in Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube ads – along with other channels. This will drive new aligned seekers to the Inaura platform, and ultimately – to you and your offerings! 


Founding Guide Membership & Investment

Inaura is no longer charging commission on 1-on-1 client referrals acquired via your Inaura Guide Profile!

After careful consideration, we have decided to eliminate the commission on direct referrals and instead create a more robust, high-value Guide Membership offering. This means that you keep 100% of the money from all direct client referrals! Click here for all the details on the new Seeker-Guide connection process.

We have added a 2 month extension (for free) to your Founding Guide Membership.
Due to the unexpected delay in opening the website, we are going to extend your Founding Guide Membership period by 2 months (free) at the end of your year. We don’t believe you should pay for time when the website was not functional.

Monthly Founding Guide Investment payments are re-starting on Dec.1st.
As you know, for those who chose monthly payments for their investment, we paused the monthly payments while we were finishing the website. Your monthly payments will resume on December 1st.

We have added even MORE value to your Inaura Guide Membership!

As mentioned above, Inaura will no longer be charging commission on 1-on-1 direct referrals, which immediately increases the value of Guide Memberships. We’ve also added a few more perks, to create what we feel is a very valuable offering for our Guides.

Here is the New & Improved Inaura Guide Membership:

  • Professional Guide Profile Listing (Haven’t completed your public-facing profile yet? CLICK HERE)
  • No Charge for Leads/Referrals on 1-on-1 Services 
  • Ability to facilitate classes, workshops, and other offerings on the Inaura platform – we handle the marketing, tech, and hosting (CLICK HERE for details)
  • Invitation to publish written & video content on the Inaura platform & social media – high visibility with a large audience of aligned seekers (CLICK HERE for details)
  • High-value monthly educational offerings specifically for Guides to help you improve your practice and grow your business (CLICK HERE for details)
  • Access to Guide Education Library, which will feature recordings of all previous educational offerings
  • Invitation to monthly Inaura Guide Connection & Support Circles – to create community and provide networking opportunities
  • Receive your very own Guide Feature across all Inaura social media platforms & invitation to participate in a FB/IG live with us! (CLICK HERE for details)
  • Invitation to our Guide-Only Facebook Group,

If you’d like to change/increase your Founding Guide Membership Investment based on these changes...

As a token of appreciation for becoming a Founding Guide on Inaura, you were given the opportunity to create a Founding Guide Investment of your choice – either a monthly or annual contribution towards the growth of the platform. (Even if that meant paying nothing.)

This was in place of the standard Guide Membership Fee of $49/month or $499/year.

When the original Founding Guide Investment offer (pay what you’d like/gift) was made, it was with the understanding that Inaura would receive an 8% commission on all direct client referrals through your Guide Profile. As stated above, we are no longer going to be charging any commission on direct referrals who contact you through the platform.

Here are the updated Inaura Guide Membership Benefits:

Since removing commission on 1-on-1 referrals removes a significant revenue stream for the platform, and we feel we have significantly increased the value, Guide Memberships going forward will be regularly priced at $97/month.

If you would like to change/increase your Founding Guide Investment based on the increased value of the membership, reply to this email and let us know what changes you’d like to make!

Upcoming Inaura Guide Connection Circles

This first Connection Circle is very important because it will set the tone for others and you will get an opportunity to vote on the Guide-Only educational opportunities coming up! We want to make sure these connection circle really support and nourish you as well as serve you to grow in the ways that are most important to you! As we create these and as we grow, we will be continuously asking for feedback so we can build what you need! Please let us include your voice by sharing your feedback.

We also have the Inaura Guide Connection & Support Facebook Group. This is a Guide-Only Group (for those of you that have Facebook). We will always communicate the most important things via email but there will also be reminders and support on Facebook!

Inaura Guide Social Media Feature Details

Want to leverage the Inaura social media channels to increase your visibility, promote your offerings, and find new clients? Good news… that’s also part of your Inaura Founding Guide Membership!

Here’s what this will look like:

  • Your Inaura Guide Profile featured across all Inaura social media channels
  • An invitation to join us on a FB/IG “Live” to share your story and promote your offerings to our community

We’ll be in touch soon to invite you to schedule your guide feature! We’re hoping to begin these collaborations in December – and our capacity will increase once we’re able to bring in a full social media team.