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"The Healing Power of Expression & Creativity"

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*No art experience required, in fact, a beginners mind, an open heart and a playful spirit is all that is needed!

Saturday, May 21st at 9am PT

Expressive Arts Therapy is a powerful means of discovery and awareness of our inner landscapes where words or talk therapy fall short..

What you'll learn...

This workshop is a gift to the Self that will assist you to reconnect to your inner truth guiding you toward healing and clarity. 

Through your imagination and creative expression through the powerful language of ‘image’, (our psyche’s first language). You will discover a new level of personal intimacy, alignment, connection and expression. 

Tapping into the body and breath provides a portal into the creative and imaginative processes of psyche and the unconscious mind

If you’ve ever found yourself lost, stuck, in pain and suffering; feeling lost and disconnected… this is your opportunity to come back to yourself!

During this workshop you will be able to tune into all the various aspects of ourselves needing presence and attention. You will see messages that are filled with wisdom come through this creative process. 

You will feel...

Connected, known, seen and empowered as you receive new insights and perspectives that provide a deeper understanding into what beliefs have been driving you, holding you back, and need to be released and embraced. 

You will get to practice letting go of your inner critic, listening and trusting your inner voice in a safe contained space. 

This workshop experience will bring you a renewed sense of clarity and direction.

Healing, clarity and nurturing of the spirit is found in the engaging process of creativity, connection and expression.


We'll access the unconscious mind, the imagination and creativity providing new insights, perspectives, clarity & healing.

This powerful workshop will help you...

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*No art experience is required, in fact, a beginners mind, an open heart and a playful spirit is all that is needed!

Saturday, May 21st at 9am PT

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Healing through Creativity Workshop

Saturday, May 21st

9:00am PT

Healing through Creativity

Art Therapy Workshop - May 21st
Access Your Unconscious Mind To Gain New Insights, Perspectives, Clarity & Healing ​