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Intro to Emotion Code

Do you struggle with pain—physical or emotional—without knowing what’s causing it? Or, even if you understand its source, does healing seem elusive or impossible? Maybe you’ve seen multiple doctors, therapists, or other practitioners, but none of their recommendations have alleviated the pain. Perhaps you’re currently in a painful situation; for example, your finances might be unstable, or you might be having trouble finding a community with whom you belong.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, who developed the Emotion Code, argues that emotional energy that got trapped in your body after a traumatic experience may be causing your pain, even if it manifests physically. Nelson suggests that your body is an energetic system in which emotional energy can get stuck. However, using the Emotion Code, you can clear old energy, thereby restoring your physical and mental health.

Origins of Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is based on muscle testing, also known as applied kinesiology. Muscle testing is a chiropractic technique George Goodheart, Jr., D.C. developed in 1960. Muscle testing evaluates how different stimuli can change a muscle’s ability to resist pressure. Although Goodheart initially developed the practice to measure the health of organs associated with specific muscles, some practitioners, such as Bradley Nelson, D.C., began using it to access the subconscious mind. In the 1990s, Nelson developed the Emotion Code, which uses muscle testing to reveal subconsciously blocked emotions so that they can be released.

Summary of Emotion Code: What is Emotion Code?

By releasing trauma trapped in the body, the Emotion Code seeks to heal the body and mind to free people from painful life situations. Its central premise relies on three ideas: 

  1. Everything is energy: The Emotion Code posits that all matter is energy in a different form.

  2. Emotional energy can get trapped in your body: Because everything is energy (including you), the energy associated with a negative emotion can get stuck in your body, where it can manifest as various health problems, such as chronic pain, obesity, or depression, to name a few.

Different parts of the body energetically produce different emotions:
According to Dr. Nelson, different organs play roles in producing different emotions.

This means that the Emotion Code takes a circular, mind-body approach to healing, suggesting that your body produces emotional energy and that blocked or negative emotional energy can, in turn, harm your body. Emotion Code practitioners reference a chart that lists 60 negative emotions and the organs associated with them. Emotion Code practitioners can use muscle testing to help you identify the emotion that’s causing your problem. Once you know which emotion to target, you can release it and its resulting blockages by following the midline of your body over the top of your head with your fingertips or a magnet, which activates your grounding meridian. Based on energy medicine, this practice allows your body’s energy system to flow naturally, clearing out the trapped emotion blocking its movement in much the same way clean water flushes out obstacles in its path.

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Research & Science Supporting Emotion Code

Although there is a strong body of anecdotal evidence that shows that the Emotion Code produces results, research into how it clears trapped emotions is still in preliminary stages. Research does, however, explain how two of its components work: muscle testing (applied kinesiology) and energy medicine.

Potential Drawbacks/Criticisms

As with other modalities, the Emotion Code may not be suitable for everyone. For example, it may not be the best choice for people who value introspection because it often quickly bypasses conscious knowledge, clearing emotional blocks without exploring them in detail. Or, if you’re uncomfortable with energy medicine, you may want to consider a different modality because the Emotion Code relies on similar principles to clear your energetic system.

Some people have reported feeling worse rather than better after they use the Emotion Code. This may be due to clearing energetic blocks, which can trigger old emotions to resurface for reprocessing. You may temporarily feel worse after clearing a trapped emotion because your system needs to feel the emotion again in order to understand it in a new way. In addition, if your Guide removed some “heart wall” trapped emotions, you may be feeling some emotions you had previously blocked off.

The Seeker Experience

After learning the relevant techniques by reading books or watching videos, you can practice the Emotion Code independently. If you prefer, you can also work with a therapist who uses the Emotion Code.

If working with a practitioner, you’ll likely begin with a grounding practice, which may involve asking your body’s permission to perform the procedure or asking God, the Divine, or some form of Higher Power or Higher Self to help (if that is something that feels comfortable to you). Next, you’ll choose a problem (e.g., emotional, physical, or financial) that you want to fix. Then, during a series of muscle tests, you and your practitioner will identify the emotion causing the problem. Finally, you or your practitioner will clear your grounding meridian by following it three times in succession with fingertips or a magnet, thus removing the blocked energy.

Since multiple emotions may contribute to the same problem, you may repeat this process several times before you’ve cleared all of the problem’s root causes. Your practitioner may also repeat the process for “heart wall trapped emotions,” which are emotional blockages that your subconscious mind created to protect you from an emotional vulnerability that felt too painful.

During or after the process of clearing emotional blockages out of your energy system, your body may respond in a number of surprising ways. You may cry, yawn, burp, sneeze, or itch. Over the following hours or days, you may feel the emotions you’ve just cleared, which may seem like the last thing you want, but this often indicates that you’re processing those emotions so that you can move on. Some people even develop flu-like symptoms in the days after clearing an energetic block. Some people feel lighter. All of these reactions are normal.

To take care of yourself after clearing your energy system, be sure to stay hydrated and allow yourself to rest as needed. Allow any emotions that arise afterward to move naturally through your system without judging them. Some people also recommend a grounding meditation.

Note that even though you may want to clear all the emotions causing your pain as soon as possible, each emotion needs and deserves individual attention. Moreover, clearing emotions out of your energy system can be tiring, so you may need to move slowly enough to give yourself time to process it all without getting overwhelmed.

Below, a few Seekers who have experienced the Emotion Code share their thoughts:

Finding a Guide & Guide Perspectives

The most important part of choosing a Guide is finding someone with whom you identify and feel comfortable. Clearing blocked emotions can be a vulnerable process, so choose someone with whom you feel that you can build trust.

If you’re interested in working with a guide who uses the Emotion Code, you’ll probably want to find a therapist who is also certified in this modality. Anyone can use the Emotion Code, but professionals who choose to charge for it must receive certification, which they can do via Discover Healing or Dr. Nelson’s own certification program. No license is required.

Here are a few experiences shared by Guides who use the Emotion Code:

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