The Energy Codes B.E.S.T.

Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique

Intro to The Energy Codes B.E.S.T.

When confronted by challenging circumstances, we may find ourselves asking, “Why me?” We may doubt ourselves and wonder how to affect change in our lives. We may feel that something is missing or maybe even broken within ourselves, yet we often look outside of ourselves for answers and resolutions. This, in turn, can leave us feeling powerless or isolated. Stress and suffering take many forms and are so ubiquitous in our lives that it all too often feels like they are innate to the human condition.

The Energy Codes B.E.S.T. (an acronym for Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique)is a healing modality based in energy medicine and quantum physics. It teaches that suffering is not innate to the human condition but that it is an indication that we have become separated from our true selves, our true human nature connected with our innate wisdom and vitality. The Energy Codes B.E.S.T. teaches that human beings are energy beings that are made of the same vital force energy that is all around us in nature. As such, we are designed to thrive and are capable of self-healing. It is founded on the theory that our over-identification with the mind causes stress and suffering and that segregation of our whole selves into separate parts that no longer effectively communicate results in dysregulation in the body. 

Through the specific personal development and self-healing techniques laid out in the Energy Codes B.E.S.T., we can tap into and rewire the unconscious mind, reconnect to the greater energy field, and learn to embody our authentic selves as a whole integrated being. When rooted in our authentic, integrated selves, we can release our limiting beliefs, self-protective personalities and defenses, and identify with a higher version of ourselves. We no longer interpret challenging circumstances as a cause for stress and suffering but rather an invitation to connect and heal.

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Origins of the Energy Codes B.E.S.T.

Dr. Sue Morter founded the Energy Codes B.E.S.T. She was the daughter of chiropractor and energy medicine pioneer Dr. M. T. Morter, Jr. (1935–2013), whose work influenced the development of The Energy Codes B.E.S.T. system. Dr. M. T. Morter, Jr. was a dedicated chiropractor for many years before ultimately becoming dissatisfied with the low success rate of long-term recovery amongst his patients. Feeling something was missing from his practice, he delved into energy medicine, seeking to discover a healing system that could deliver lasting results. By the mid-1970s, Dr. M. T. Morter, Jr. had developed the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.).

Energy medicine was a foundational aspect of life in Dr. S. Morter’s upbringing. As a young adult, she worked alongside her father in his healthcare practice. She would later become his business partner and earn licensure as a chiropractor. In 1987, she founded the Morter Health Center, which was dedicated to the practice of B.E.S.T. However, by her mid-thirties, Dr. S. Morter found herself overworked and exhausted, so she turned to meditation for relief. In 2001, she described having had a transcendental, multi-dimensional experience during meditation. She claimed to have tapped into a greater energy field, and she described this experience as having revealed her “true nature” as an energy being. The experience had a transformative effect on her life. She reported that stress, ailments, and past injuries healed, and she found herself living her life in a greater state of flow and ease.

Dr. S. Morter wanted to discover how she and her patients could intentionally access that same connected experience while remaining engaged with daily life. Thus, she spent several years examining her spontaneous transcendental experience and working to recreate its elements. A series of principles and practices emerged from her research, which she systemized into a seven-step guide to embodiment and energy healing. She called this system The Energy Codes B.E.S.T., which incorporated her father’s work.

The IFS model of today has been influenced by dozens of other therapists, researchers, modalities, theories, and systems – including, but not limited to:

Family Systems Therapy | Systems Thinking | Jungian “Voice Dialog” | “Empty Chair” Technique – Gestalt Therapy | Narrative Therapy Traditional Indigenous Healing Practices/Shamanism (Soul Retrieval)

Summary of the Energy Codes B.E.S.T.:
What is the Energy Codes B.E.S.T.?

Theory and Practice

The premise of Energy Codes B.E.S.T. (as well as its founding modality, B.E.S.T.) is that everything is made of energy, and everything is interconnected through energy fields, as quantum science now supports. We, as human beings, are that same unified energy field, compressed into the physical form of a body. That is, that same energy field that runs through nature runs through us. We have the same innate natural intelligence, vitality, and self-healing potentiality as the trees and other lifeforms around us. Unfortunately, however, most of us do not live in this way. We have become disconnected from ourselves, each other, and the world around us, and, in doing so, may end up living in a state of imbalance, stress, or illness. 

Although we are born as energy beings with innate intuition, creativity, and intelligence, many people have been taught to suppress those instinctive qualities as a means of survival in a world where they may not have been kindly met. As a result, we have learned to dissociate from our bodies and instead live in our rational minds in which we over-identify with our personalities, stories, and beliefs. When we become disconnected and isolated within ourselves, we cannot effectively process our negative experiences, which can then become stored in the subconscious mind and in the body. Consequently, our central nervous system becomes dysregulated and stressed, which can negatively impact our physical and emotional health.  

Dr. S. Morter considered physical and emotional ailments to be energy blockages in the subconscious body created by unprocessed experiences. She referred to such an ailment as “an expression of an unlearnt lesson.” This stuck energy, combined with associated negative thought patterns, creates interference in the body’s energy field. According to this system, this rift between the physical body and the unified energetic field causes stress and dysfunction.

The goal, therefore, is to identify and release this interference through self-administered and assisted hand-on techniques for the individual to rebalance their nervous system. Thus, the individual would return to their natural, unified energetic state, thereby restoring the body’s innate self-regulating and self-healing potential.


Dr. M. T. Morter Jr.’s Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) is a holistic modality. It is based on chiropractic techniques designed to heal the individual on a mental, emotional, and physical level without using drugs, surgery, or other invasive procedures. Its objective is to treat the underlying cause of the individual’s condition, not just the symptoms. The practitioner’s role is to identify and remove the client’s energetic interference and help them to re-establish communication between the conscious and subconscious parts of the central nervous system. This would enable the body to heal. The practitioner achieves this by combining techniques, such as positive statements, muscle testing, and non-invasive energy point manipulation. 

The Energy Codes B.E.S.T.

The Energy Codes B.E.S.T. is Dr. S. Morter’s advancement of her father’s work. It is a set of practices and principles grounded in energy medicine, neurobiology, quantum physics, and spiritual healing techniques. It offers a seven-step roadmap to becoming embodied, rewiring your energetic circuitry, connecting with your natural intelligence, healing your emotional and physical health, and living in a deeper state of awareness in your everyday life. 

These seven steps are anchoring, breath, chemistry, clearing, feeling, heart, and spirit. Practices and techniques incorporated throughout these steps include breathwork, meditation, movements, yoga poses, nutritional diet, and B.E.S.T. 

In-depth learning of the systems is made available through a few different means, including a group training course, a book, and coaching as follows:

The Coursework

The Energy Codes B.E.S.T. is primarily taught in a group setting as a four-level course, called the “Coursework.”

Level 1: The Quantum Flip: Your Reality Shift in Life and Love: A two-day weekend seminar that introduces the concept of energy medicine and lays the groundwork for the participant to begin viewing themselves and their life through a more expansive lens.

Level 2: The Embodiments Codes: A four-day event that delves into the techniques and practices for how to live as your authentic self at the level of the unified energy field.

Level 3: Ultimate Healing & Beyond: A four-day retreat during which participants start utilizing and practicing the concepts.

Level 4: Study Program and Retreat: A one-year study program dedicated to the practical application and awakening process of the teachings.

The Book

In her book, The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life, Dr. S. Morter lays out her self-administered seven-step program for the reader in three parts: 

Part One: A New Way of Seeing: The Quantum Flip, introduces the foundational theories of the system.

Part Two: A New Way of Being: The Energy Codes Program, lays out the self-administered practices and explains each technique step-by-step.

Part Three: A New Way of Living: The Embodied Life, teaches how to integrate The Energy Codes into daily life.


The Energy Codes B.E.S.T. certified facilitators are trained to teach and coach individuals on the principles of the seven steps in one-to-one sessions. Facilitators are also certified B.E.S.T. practitioners and can further assist individuals using a hands-on method.  

The Benefits

The Energy Codes B.E.S.T. states that when the outlined techniques are practiced, the energy can flow uninterrupted through the body. The individual then returns to an integrated state of being, resulting in improved energetic, physical, and emotional wellbeing and increased vitality, groundedness, and strength. 

Purported physical health benefits include the healing of pain and injury, disease, autoimmune conditions, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, allergies, and respiratory and digestive ailments.

In addition to benefiting physical health, there is also a reported transformative impact on emotional and mental health. It is claimed to resolve issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction, compulsive behaviors, and past traumas. Self-esteem is also said to improve significantly. Through this method, individuals learn to connect to their innate intelligence and creativity. In doing so, they learn to rely upon their own inner wisdom for support and guidance, even when feeling unsupported by their external environment or circumstances. In doing so, they often no longer identify with their old self-limiting beliefs nor look outside of themselves for answers. Instead, they learn to become their own solution, with choices no longer rooted in a conditioned, rational mind but aligned with their instinctive creative selves. This can lead to greater clarity, confidence, self-empowerment, a sense of purpose, and emotional contentment. Living in this new aligned and embodied state means that challenges are met with more ease and trust, and relationships deepen. 

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Research & Science Supporting the Energy Codes B.E.S.T.

Although there is extensive research on quantum science and many studies on the benefits and efficacy of energy medicine, there is currently little-to-no current research on this modality. However, there is research on some of the practices taught by The Energy Codes B.E.S.T. (e.g., meditation and breathwork). The following studies are two of the few published studies on B.E.S.T.:

Comparison of bioenergetic synchronization technique and customary chiropractic care for older adults with chronic musculoskeletal pain, by Cheryl Hawk, Ronald L Rupert, Makasha Colonvega, Jennell Boyd, Stephanie Hall (Sep 29, 2006) | 

Treatment of Chronic Nonresponsive Patients with a Nonforce Technique. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, by Ronald L Rupert, Cheryl L. McKinzie, Milton T Morter Jr, Dwain M Daniel (2005). |

Potential Drawbacks/Criticisms

The yoga poses included in the practice are not modified for people with mobility or physical disability.  

Energy Codes B.E.S.T. is a specialized field, and there are not many trained facilitators worldwide, although the community of facilitators is growing. Moreover, facilitators are predominantly located in some U.S. states and parts of Europe, which renders local, in-person accessibility limited. However, in this new age of COVID-19, more facilitators are taking their work online.

Dr. Sue Morter considers The Energy Codes B.E.S.T. to be a constantly evolving modality. As such, she recommends that people only work with a facilitator or practitioner who has trained in her coursework within the past three years. This recommendation may further limit your choice of facilitators.

The Seeker Experience

The Energy Codes B.E.S.T. is a hands-on practice facilitated by a practitioner. It follows the structure of a traditional physical therapy session, including consultation, examination, report of findings, and treatment. The examination may include standard orthopedic, neurological, postural, range-of-motion, and reflex testing. A saliva test may also be performed to assess your pH levels. The treatment itself is a little less traditional and involves gentle touch, muscle-testing, and breathwork. In the treatment, the client may be asked to lie down (fully clothed), raise their arm, and repeat a positive statement (e.g., “I am enough”). If the statement is related to a suppressed personal experience that is causing interference in the body, the arm muscle will not be able to resist pressure when applied by the practitioner. The practitioner will then rebalance the client’s energy field by applying touch to specific “contact points” on their body until pulsation is felt. This pulsation indicates the re-establishment of communication between the hemispheres of the brain and the body. The client will be then asked to raise their arm again and repeat the same positive statement. If the connection has been successfully re-established, the arm will hold strong when pressure is applied. Following the energy clearing treatment, the client may be given a meditation or mantra to take away and practice on their own to strengthen their new subconscious connection.

The Energy Codes B.E.S.T. is a practice that is typically learned either on one’s own through Dr. S. Morter’s book or in a group setting through the Coursework program (as outlined above). However, the practice can also be learned through private sessions with a certified practitioner. The structure of these sessions varies depending on the practitioner’s experience and the client’s need. Generally, it should include coaching on the seven steps and integrate meditation, breathwork, bodywork, and the hands-on B.E.S.T. technique.

Finding a Guide & Guide Perspectives

Facilitators can be found via the directory on Dr. Sue Morter’s website:

When choosing a guide/facilitator, it may be helpful to consider the following criteria: 

  • Their geographical location
  • Their level of experience facilitating online (if you’re unable to see a guide in person)
  • Their level of certification
  • The date of their certification (Dr. Sue Morter recommends choosing a facilitator who has been trained within the past three years to ensure you engage with the most recent version of this ever-evolving practice).

Dr. Sue Morter herself also offers in-person and online coursework, training, retreats, consultations, and one-to-one
B.E.S.T. treatments.

The Energy Codes® offers a 12-month Certification Program and a 14-month Advanced Certification Program. There are no restrictions placed on which specialists or professionals can train in The Energy Codes® Certification Program. However, all trainees are required to complete The Energy Codes® Levels I-IV coursework as a prerequisite for certification. Certified facilitators are trained to coach, consult, and teach the principles and self-administered practices of The Energy Codes®. All certified facilitators of The Energy Codes® are also trained in B.E.S.T. The Morter Institute also offers a one-year BodyAwake® yoga teacher training certification that blends traditional yogic philosophy with The Energy Codes coursework.  

There is no license required to practice The Energy Codes B.E.S.T. 

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